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Ascended Master Etheric Retreats


Keys to the Temples

of the Nile

Groups only

7 Days 6 Nights sailing the Nile!

The Divine Flows through you

when you are on the Nile

8 Nov - 14 November 2019


11:11 The Awakening Code

There is something magical about the 11:11 Code that awakens sleeping aspects of ourselves. When we see it, we should acknowledge it as a significant time of awakening or coming into a Higher State of Consciousness. It is a doorway or gateway to higher Realms. Many people are seeing the 11:11 everywhere and this generally means we should take notice that something significant in our spiritual encoding is taking place. When we harness these Codes we can propel ourselves forward in our spiritual journeys.

On this Sacred Sound Codes 11:11 Nile Retreat, you will receive the higher codes of awakening every day as we connect with the temples of the chakras along the Nile. We begin from Luxor, the Solar Plexus of Egypt. Our intention is to receive the codes that will assist in awakening us to mastering the challenges that hold us back from our Spiritual missions. As we sail toward Aswan we learn about how the temples connect us with our own divinity and receive the Sacred Sound codes that will assist in bringing it through.

ChristinA holds the Gift of carrying the Sacred Sound Codes and Keys of Ascension through Lord Enoch and can assist you to awaken to your own sounds that will enable you to awaken to your true purpose. These trips are 3 times a year and are life changing and incredibly powerful.

More about ChristinA and her Global Mission of Awakening here

The Sacred Flows when you are on the Nile

A 6 night, 7 day meditation cruise with ChristinA as she shares her gift as an encodement key and passes on the Sacred Keys of Knowledge with the Sound Activatory Keys that are her gift to share with humanity.

Awakening the Light Codes within you.

ChristinA has a unique way of sharing and transferring a very powerful Divine Energy known as LUXOR Light Ascension that enables shifts in consciousness and awakens the Remembering of your True and Authentic Self..

On this Retreat you will have the opportunity to be immersed in this pure energy of the Divine and align with your Highest aspects. You will receive healing through Sacred Sound Codes that "Help you to Remember your Light Lineage" through opening to the Sacredness within you.

If you are lucky you will see through the veil and witness the crystalline pyramids, a reminder of our Atlantis connections.

Do you want to awaken to passion and purpose?

Do you remember the wonder of life?

Would you like to re-connect with the lost wisdom of your Ancient Past?

Would you like to heal the blocks that hold you back?

Do you understand how to align with the Sacred Master frequencies within?

Private Charter on board the Nile Heaven II

Sail the tranquil Nile in luxury and comfort onboard our twin sail dahabieh. All rooms have private ensuites are air-conditioned and all dietary requirements are catered for just let us know.

We don't work with set times because we are going with the Flow....

Each day we will meditate upon the theme of the temples we are visiting and incorporating that into our chosen theme. The Ancients listened to the signs, they consulted the oracle, they used full consciousness to understand the world around them, we will align with them and seek to find the sacred connection within each temple that aligns with out own personal temples and our own personal templates....

Fashioning the Ka

Day One

We will transfer from Luxor to Esna to visit the Temple of Khnum. Khnum was known as the Ancient Neteru (god) that fashioned life into form from the potters wheel. He is known as the Neter that creates the Ka body (etheric template). In healing the Ka body is the most important body to work with. When strong and whole it enables us to receive the vital force from the rays of the sun that feed our chakras that balanced and maintain the health of the physical body. My son when he was 6 years old used to refer to it as the "colouring in line around the physical body" and he once asked me why we all have it. We have it because it is like a forcefield, a shield that enables us to have vital health when it is working efficiently. The Ka body transcends death of the physical body and therefore on the path of ascension where we are ascending with the physical it is vital to maintin a strong and healed etheric. If possible there will be time to meditate in the temple and in the afternoon meditation on board the Dahabieh.

The purpose of this visit to the Temple of Khnum will be to honour "our" temple (the physical body) and receive vital healing to strengthen and align our etheric template (Ka).

On the Dahabieh (Nile Heaven II) after lunch time to relax and enjoy the Nile as we set sail.

Meditation to strengthen your energy field.

Our journey on the Dahabieh is filled with magical experiences if you allow yourself to simply be in the moment. Imagine sailing the Nile just as the ancients did in a land that in many cases appears to not have changed for thousands of years. It is possible to get a glimpse through the veil and witness for yourself the crystaline pyramids on the horizon.

Temple of Edfu

Day Two

The Temple of Edfu is dedicated to Horus - the Golden child and holds quite a lot of mystery around it. It was here that the ceremony of the sacred marriage was celebrated once a year and Hathor; wife of Horus travelled down the Nile from her temple in Dendara to Festival of the Beautiful Feast of the Reunion. If this is the temple where the Sacred Marriage was celebrated, then this is the place that we ourselves can celebrate the integration of the masculine and the feminine, the Divinely balanced chakras incorporating both polarities fully activated into the Fifth Dimensional chakras of the New World. With fully developed fifth dimensional chakras comes the ability to transcend the emotional body and operate from a balanced and responsive nature rather than a reactive nature. Of particular interest is the Alchemy room showing that this was indeed a place of magic and ritual.

Our meditation for the day will be to celebrate the Sacred Marriage of the balanced masculine and feminine within the Chakras to welcome fully integrated fifth dimensional consciousness and experience the dance of Light in the reunion of god/goddess.

Evening party on board Nile Heaven II Egyptian dancing and tabla music.

Gebel Silsila

Day Three

Our next stop along the Nile is to Gebel Silsila and the Temple of Horemheb within the stone quarry where they used to get the stone to build the temples. Horemheb was a scribe, a priest and a warrior during the reign of Akhenaton. He was a general in the Akhenaton army and this temple represents to us the importance of loyalty to that which we believe in and the building of strong foundations to our personal temples (our body). We will have time to visit the temple and to walk through the quarry of rough hewn rocks - a highlight to every trip.

Lunch on board and then sail further along the Nile and walk along the canals to the village of Ramadi to have tea in the shade of the palm trees with the local Egyptians.

Dinner on board the Dahabieh.

Kom Ombo

Day Four

Morning Meditation and onward we sail to the temple of Kom Ombo. This temple is dedicated to Horus on the Left representing to Good/Spirit and Sobek on the right representing the Dark/Ego. It is here that we recognise the light and dark within ourselves.

Evening Sacred Sound Immersion Healing

Ballouly Island - Island Arbiab - Nubian Villages

Day Five

Morning Meditation and then breakfast on board the Dahabieh and then a morning walk on small island through the irrigation canals through farms, orchards and palm groves. Lunch on board and then sail to Gharb Aswan to visit the Nubian Village. Dinner and overnight on board. 

Temple Isis

Day Six

After breakfast we will leave the dahabieh for Aswan to the Island of Philae. Here we take a motor boat to the Island of Philae and the Temple of Isis. Our focus here is the Divine Feminine and if we are lucky on the day will visit the original site of the temple before it was moved as seen in the photo above on the left followed by meditation on the beach of the original location of the temple. On the way back to the Dahabieh we will stop to relaxt n the centre of Aswan on the Corniche and then return to the boat for lunch.

Dinner on board the Dahabieh and sailing back to Luxor.

Day Seven

Morning Meditation sailing back to Luxor.


Keys of Awakening Nile Retreat

Early Bird

$2222 AUD

Non Refundable deposit of $500 to secure your place.

(fully refundable if the trip does not go ahead)

Book and Pay by May 30, 2019

After than


Registrations close after the Lions Gate on

August 9, 2019

11.11 Egypt for November 2019

Extra Activities

Enjoy the many temples in and around Luxor with a guide or at your own leisure and in your own space.

Don't worry you will receive all the help you need to get the most from your visit....


  • All meals and bottled water, juices, teas and coffee on board the Dahabieh
  • All transfers to and from the dahabieh and Luxor
  • Egyptian Tabla Party on board the Dahabieh
  • Meditation
  • Sacred Sound Healing Immersion
  • English speaking guide
  • Entry tickets for the Sacred sites (approx $70 US)
  • (no alcohol allowed on our tours)


  • Airfares
  • Transfers from and to airport ($20 US each way)
  • Visas ($25 US) at the airport on arrival
  • Personal medical and travel insurance is required
  • Meals prior to boarding the Dahabieh and meals after the Nile Cruise

  • Tips (Baksheesh) and personal expenses

Extras by arrangement

  • Other Tours around Egypt
  • Personal Hands on Healing with ChristinA
  • Visits to local Egyptian Sufi Holy Men (by donation to the Holy Men)

Please fill out the form to the right to register your interest in our LUXOR Light programs on board the dahabieh.

Refund Policy

Non-refundable deposits unless the trip is cancelled by the organiser. 

ChristinA is the Founder and Master Facilitator of the LUXOR Light Ascension

ChristinA lives on the West Bank of Luxor in her own private Sacred Retreat overlooking Thoth Hill.


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