Do I need a Visa for Egypt?

You can obtain a visa on arrival at the airport in Cairo for $US15.

Tourist visa's are available from any Egyptian consulate anywhere in the world.

Your passport should have at least 6 months validity. 

What is the best time of the year to visit Egypt?

Any time is the best time to visit Egypt, but it is very hot in summer so don't forget things like hat, suncream, and loose cotton clothes are best.  The weather is a dry heat which is more bearable than humid climates.

Winter months have beautiful days but can be chilly at night.  You should bring two jackets as well as your normal clothing.  Layering is a good way to go as the day may start out warm but very quickly becomes chilly as the sun goes down. 

What sort of clothing should I wear while travelling in Egypt?

Egypt is a tourist place so you can wear your normal clothing, but it is suggested that loose comfortable cotton clothing is best and if you are doing a lot of walking it is very dusty so don't bring your best shoes.  When visiting religious areas like mosques, women  will need to cover their heads, shoulders and legs and of course remember to take off your shoes before entering a mosque.

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Christina, thank you again for providing such a wonderful trip/journey. It truly was an honor to connect with such great light workers in one of the most amazing places of our dear Mother Gaeia. And thank you so much for sharing the Luxor Light.... it is beautiful and a gift. What an amazing experience!! Thank you!!! Thank you ! Thank you!!!!

Noreen Rousseau Kalt ~ Merrick, New York