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Ascended Master Etheric Retreats

Photo Gallery

Retreat on the Nile Retreat on the Nile 203532269 203532270 203532271 203532272 203532273 203532274 203532275 203532276 203532277 203532278 203532279 203532280 203532991 203532992 203532993 203532994 203532995 203532996 203533055 203533056 203533057 203533058 203533059 203533060 203533061 203533062 203533063 203533064 203533065 203533066 203533067 203533068 203533069 Consciousness Orb of the Ibis Consciousness orb of the Ibis taken on tour on the Nile in 2008 - we were on deck of the dahabieh clicking away to see what we would get. Anyone who visits Egypt knows of the presence of orbs and we are no different, it's always a conversation starter. Anyway, our trip was focused on the Codes of Thoth and as I was aiming for the moon to see if I could capture it with my little camera, far in the distance it just so happened that an Ibis flew by. It was not close enough for this result to come up in the camera, but this is what came up. "Thoth" ever present on our special journeys. 203532998